Kacey Beres is a highly skilled professional with over nine years experience in non-profit management, event planning and tourism marketing.  She exhibits strategic leadership, transparency, respect for confidentiality and relationship building.

She is an ethical person who is fiscally responsible and knows how to make and manage a budget as well as how to protect an organization’s assets.  She is equally passionate about revenue generation through organized special events and Brand endorsement.    

Because Kacey has served in marketing, membership and executive director positions at three chambers of commerce, she is in a unique position to understand all aspects of the membership and association industry.  Each time she changed positions, she was looking for growth and development in the industry. 

Kacey has demonstrated key traits that are critical to success: collaboration, initiative, problem resolution, and execution. Kacey doesn’t just talk about identified problems or shy away from resolving them; she develops plans of action, engages others and creates alignment on key issues, and is resourceful to develop sustainable solutions.
A genuine heart for service, unwavering determination and her deep faith makes her a very pleasant person to be around.  Her bright smile and funny sense of humor are contagious to everyone around her.  Kacey loves traveling abroad, spending time outdoors fishing, camping or enjoying time on the trails riding RZR’s.

Kacey Beres